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Ladies and gentlemen,

gallery "Beautiful Things" is my new idea to promote Polish artists - jewelry makers with an unusual Polish stone, which is Baltic amber. I hope to convince you to its extraordinary beauty by showing selected works of leading artists, which will make you get delighted by its elegant binding, and want to have them as a small form of sculpture to wear.

In the newly opened gallery "Beautiful Things" in Warsaw on 39 Krakowskie Przedmieście St. I show original jewelry with amber from artist i.e. Danuta Czapnik, Izabela Gutowska, Emilia Górna, Piotr Zarański, Arkadiusz Wolski and leading manufacturers ART 7 i NAC Amber, with outstanding design.

I'm glad that I created in Warsaw place with unique “Polish Gold”, and I hope that also will appeal to your taste, especially since amber is also valued in the world and appears more frequently in key fashion events.

I invite you to see and buy a really beautiful things, which over time will become more, because I am constantly looking for new and interesting ideas for binding of this extraordinary Polish stone. Amber is my new, surprising discovery and I hope that you discover it for yourself in my gallery.

An equally important part of the gallery "Beautiful Things" is a wonderful, small form sculptures by Polish artists that may - or even should - be the pride of every home. With great pleasure I recommend you the authors, with whom I work constantly: Leszek Michalski, Dariusz Zieliński, Paweł Erazmus, Rafał Borcz, Leon Gruzd or Mariola Wawrzusiak.

For over twenty years I am specializing in the presentation and promotion of Polish art jewelery in gallery in Warsaw on 27 Krakowskie Przedmieście St. in Cafe Telimena, which I hope that you know and love the work I choose.

Beautifully invite
Bożena Marki

  • Arek Wolski

    Born in 1972, Warsaw, Poland. During the studies (University of Gdansk - physical oceanography), he "found" amber, it was love at the first sight, great hobby. After the graduation in 1998, he decided to start working as a goldsmith, and built up his own workshop. He is self-taught person. Member of Group Six.
    From Design to Art
    "I strictly divide my activity. First part, taking most of my time is design. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to create well designed product, widely accepted by public. But the most important for me is being an artist from time to time, but only in case, when i have something important to say - in my opinion".

  • Art 7

    Art7 company was established in 1982 by Wojciech Kalandyk. Since then Art7 has widely developed the assortment of the jewellery offered - from classical to modern styles. Creativity in proposing new designs is a strong point of Art7. Many of their innovative design solutions have been registered in the Patent Office. In 2009 the company created 'Baltic Soul' - its own brand on the European market. Art7 is a producer of modern silver and amber jewellery. Our designers draw inspiration from the primeaval beauty of amber. As our aim is to introduce new design in amber jewellery, we are also inspired by other branches of contemporary design, architecture, fashion.

  • Danuta Czapnik

    She is painter by profession. She took up making jewellery with husband since 1984. Working together, they produced collections based on simple geometrical forms. For a long time main material has been amber set in silver joined with the other naturall and artificial gemstones. Various collections are produced at the same time. Ascetic, graphic forms of the tarnished silver sheets with geometrical block of amber as well as full color collections connecting different gemstones and materials. She also deals with drawing and painting. Her works one can see in many galleries all around the world.

  • Dariusz Zarański

    More than 30 years of experience in designing and producing unique amber and silver jewelry Well recognised among thousands of other patterns Simplicity of shapes Perfectly manufactured with great care for details and clarity of forms
    Presented at various exhibitions in Galleries and Museums:
    - Amber Museum in Gdansk
    - Gdansk Archeological Museum, Poland
    - Bernsteinmuseum Ribnitz- Damgarten, Germany
    - "Les Artistes De Gdansk" , France
    - "Intern. Amber Artwork Prize of countries on the Baltic Sea ' 99", Germany
    - "Silver Fascinations" The Polish Museum of America in Chicago, USA
    - "Ambra oro del Baltico" Sassari Museo Nazionale, Italy

  • Izabela Gutowska

    Jeweler not only by profession but above all by passion. Her work is rewarded and shown at exhibitions in the country and abroad. Her state of the art jewelery can be found in many galleries around the world ... and in few selected in Poland.
    The way she describes the act of creation:
    "I sit at the table ... begin to forge, knead, grind, solder forms into silver ... I hear twangs of cooperation between hammer and anvil, arround me my tools in such a perfect disorder, in the background a hiss of the burner ... in one corner hot red ceramic's stove... in the other a shelf with my collection of stones and jewellery treasuress... What was created in the studio? ... only what I would willingly wear ..." - side artists.
    Welcome to my colorful world ... available at your fingertips ... waiting for you here at the gallery ...

  • Marcin Tymiński

    Marcin Tymiński was born in 1972 in Warsaw.
    President of Goldsmithing Artists Association.
    Co-founder and member of „Group six”.
    He studied Jewelry Design for three years on Academy of Art in Łódź.

  • NAC

    Marcin Wesołowski did not have a conventional education in jewelry design. He is a gifted craftsman with a passion for jewelry. In early 1990s he worked for a few jewelry companies before opening his own design studio in Gdansk, Poland, in 1999. He is one of few jewelry designers who not only design their creations, but are also skilled in hand-crafting, using traditional tools, techniques and highest-quality materials. Marcin Wesołowski loves to create beautiful jewelry, items that women will wear anytime, anywhere, Marcin's design have simple and clean lines. His elegant and timeless creations add a radiance to the modern woman's lifestyle. The superior quality of his contemporary classic designs has gained him distinguished clients.

  • Paweł Kaczyński

    Born in 1967 in Poland. Since 1990 a jewellery designer. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts i Łódź, Poland (Fabric and Fashion Faculty, specialization: Jewellery Designs). Since 1992 a member of the Polish Sculptors Association and since 1995 of the Goldsmithing Artists' Association (STFZ). At present in the Board of STFZ Among numerous art fields Paweł Kaczyński has experimented with jewellery has become the predominant means of his artistic expression. As a jewellery designer he prepares collections for galleries and individual customers in Poland and abroad. The collections mostly reveal the artist search for new forms of expression in jewels. This results in unique objects displayed at over a hundreds of exhibitions and jewellery competitions. Organized many exhibitions and participated also as a member of the jury of jewellery competitions. Co - author of the artistic venture called "Group Six" which popularizes the idea of unique jewellery.

  • Mariola Wawrzusiak

    Born in Rzeszów in 1971. Student of Sculpture Faculty in Cracow Academy of Fine Arts 1992 - 1997. Diploma with honors guided by professor Józef Sękowski. Assistant Professor at SculptureFaculty at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Runs a drawing for students from the second to fifth year.
    She received a scholarship Cultural City Network Graz (1998r.), scholarship Cracow City (1999r.), Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2000 r. )

  • Dariusz Zieliński

    I was born on October 10 1975 in Adamów, a small town in Poland. I've been engaged in sculpture since 1998. I would call myself self – taught, thought my works has been greatly influenced by an educator and sculptor, Jacek Kozłowski. Meeting him deserves to be called „the moment” of my life.
    In my work I attempt at displaying delicacy, fickleness, etherealness, and motion. Hence , perhaps, a number of my sculptures are disproportionably long as they become apparently light thus, barely reaching the ground. I strive to avoid limiting myself to one manner of shaping the figures. I like experimenting with proportions and seeking for ever different way of deforming the reality.
    I think it's vital for every sculpture to present a story. First, I have a subject and then I find some shape for it. I believe it's partially connected with the fact that I'm a graduate from the Academy of Special Education.

  • Izabela Krauza Kur

    She graduated on Department of Ceramics and Glass at the Fine Art Academy in Wrocław in studio prof. Krystyna Cybińska and prof. Przemysław Lasak.

    She make jewelery since 7 years. In her work she uses a unique statement of shapes and colors of semi-precious stones with strict, geometric silver elements usually in gold, and pieces of raw amber which is fascinated.

  • Paweł Erazmus

    Born in October 1969 in Stalowa Wola in Poland. Graduated Fine Arts secondary School in Rzeszow. Betwen 1989-1994 a student of Sculpture Faculty in Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. Diploma in 1994 guided by professor Marian Konieczny. Member of Polish Artists Association. At present connected with Cracow, he is engaged in sculpture in bronze. His works are in private collections at home and abroad.

  • Andrzej Jacyszyn

    I got a degree in 1975 in Warsaw Fine Art Academy. In years 1980 – 1990 I make design and execution of a unique artistic jewelery. I showed it at exhibitions in Dusseldorf in 1983, in Sydney 1986 and Vienna 1988. At 2009 I went back to the unique jewelry as a designer and artist. I am inspired by amber and looking for my own form of exposition that polish stone. I use for this purpose black resin and silver,

  • Leszek Michalski

    Leszek Michalski, born in the Polish capital of Warsaw in 1960, has been creating metal sculptures for more than a decade, working predominantly with brass and bronze as his materials and making small collections of sculptures. Leszek enjoys holding his exhibitions in unusual places. Some of his favourite locations are clubs, basements, industrial areas or in the open air, where he can create relations between reality, sculptures and spectators. In 2002 Leszek received the Twórca Kultury Polskiej (Polish Culture Creator) award. Leszek has participated in around 30 solo exhibitions in Poland and around Europe and in over a dozen group exhibitions.

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